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<br />INTRODUCTION <br />On November 8, 2022, residents of the City of Paris will be asked to vote on proposed <br />amendments to the City Charter, which was originally adopted in 1948. <br />Some of the Charter's provisions need modification to be brought into compliance withState <br />Law whereas others simply need to be clarified or modified to improve City operations and <br />processes. <br />The proposed changes to the City Charter can best be lumped into three general categories: <br />1.Amendments that must be made to comply with changes in State Law or to <br />comply with State or Federal court rulings. <br />2.Amendments needed to improve City operations and processes. <br />3.Amendments needed to clean up and/or remove sections of the City Charter <br />which are no longer needed because of a change in law or change in City <br />operations. <br />The City Council created a Charter Review Commission, selecting sixteen residents to serve and <br />appointed Alix Putnam as chairperson of this commission. All members were non-city <br />employees and had never served on the CityCouncil. The City Council contracted with Mr. Don <br />R. Edmonds to provide consulting services for the Commission. <br />The Charter Review Commission, held six (6) meetings, one every other week, beginning on <br />September 20, 2021, and concluding on November 29, 2021.The members of the Commission <br />areas follows: <br />•Alix Putnam (Chairperson)• Jessica Holtman <br />•Mickey Allen• David House <br />•Syble Bills (Alternate)• Linda Kapp <br />•Brenda Cherry• Stacey Ladell <br />•Matthew Coyle• Chad Lindsey <br />•ConnieDodd• James Mitchell <br />•Lydia Fitzgerald• Taisley Scroggins <br />•Reeves Hayter• Kenneth Webb <br />Each proposition represents a proposed change to a section of the City Charter. In some cases, <br />the Commissionrecommended that the entire sectionbe replaced;in others, only one sentence <br />waschanged. To assist the voters’understanding of the proposed changes, an "explanation" <br />follows each proposition. <br /> <br />