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RESOLUTION NO. 2023-018 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF PARIS, TEXAS RE- <br />AUTHORIZING THE CITY TO BECOME ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN <br />RESIDENTIAL TAX ABATEMENTS AND APPROVING GUIDELINES AND <br />CRITERIA FOR THE RESIDENTIAL TAX ABATEMENT PROGRAM; MAKING <br />OTHER FINDINGS AND PROVISIONS RELATED TO THE SUBJECT; AND <br />DECLARING AN EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />WHEREAS, Sec. 312.002 of the Texas Tax Code requires local taxing entities to state their <br />intent to participate in abatement agreements and to adopt guidelines and criteria for granting <br />tax abatements; and <br />WHEREAS, on October 14, 2013 in Ordinance No. 2013-036, the City Council designated <br />Reinvestment Zone No. 2013-1 for residential tax abatements; and <br />WHEREAS, concurrent with Ordinance No. 2013-036, the City Council also approved <br />Resolution No. 2013-036 electing to be eligible to participate in a residential tax abatement <br />program and approving Guidelines and Criteria for Residential Tax Abatement Program as <br />required by statute; and <br />WHEREAS, on February 9, 2015, the City Council passed Ordinance No. 2015-002 <br />amending Reinvestment Zone 2013-1 for Residential Tax Abatements to expand it to include all <br />Council Districts in the City and designated the new reinvestment zone as Reinvestment Zone No. <br />2015-1; and <br />WHEREAS, on January 9, 2017, April 22, 2019, and April 12, 2021, the City Council <br />approved Resoulutions re -authorizing the City to become eligible to participate in residential tax <br />abatements and approving guidelines and criterial for the residential tax abatement program; and <br />WHEREAS, in 2020, City Council re -authorized Reinvestment zone 2015-01 and renamed <br />it Reinvestment Zone No. 2020-1; and <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to Texas Tax Code Sec. 312.002(c), guidelines and criteria for tax <br />abatements are effective for two years from the date adopted; and <br />WHEREAS, the City Council conducted a public hearing at its regular meeting on April 10, <br />2023 as required by law wherein the public was invited to comment on renewing the Residential <br />Tax Abatement Program; and <br />WHEREAS, having considered testimony provided at said public hearing, the City Council <br />continues to desire to participate in a residential tax abatement program in the City of Paris and <br />has been presented Guidelines and Criteria for a Residential Tax Abatement Program; <br />